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Samsung Electronics توظف عدة مناصب بالدار البيضاء

Samsung Electronics recrute Plusieurs Profils

Samsung est une entreprise spécialisée dans la fabrication de produits électroniques. C’est une filiale à 100 % du Groupe Samsung. En 2019, elle emploie 308 745 personnes et est la 13eme plus importante société dans le monde d’après le classement Forbes Global 2000. En 2017, son chiffre d’affaires s’est élevé à 200,6 milliards de dollars, ce qui la classe 2eme mondial de l’industrie du high-tech derrière Apple mais, devant des groupes comme IBM, Microsoft.

Samsung a longtemps été un fabricant majeur de composants électroniques tels que des batteries lithium-ion, semi-conducteurs, circuits intégrés, mémoire flash et disques durs pour des clients tels que Apple, Sony, HTC et Nokia. Ces dernières années, l’entreprise s’est diversifiée dans le domaine de l’électronique grand public.

C’est aujourd’hui le premier vendeur de téléphones mobiles et smartphones, notamment grâce à la popularité de ses modèles Samsung Galaxy L’entreprise est également premier vendeur de tablettes en Europe, légèrement devant Apple depuis 2017 et deuxième dans le monde, et est un gros fabricant de phablettes avec la série d’appareils Samsung Galaxy Note9. C’est le premier fabricant au monde d’écrans LCD depuis 2002 ainsi que premier fabricant d’écran OLED avec 93,3 % de parts de marché en 2018, notamment grâce à Apple et Huawei. Depuis 2006, Samsung est le premier vendeur mondial de téléviseurs et de fours à micro-ondes. Enfin, Samsung est deuxième sur les ventes de montres connectées, avec 11,1 % des ventes au 1er trimestre 2019, derrière Apple à 35,8 %.

En 2019, Samsung dispose de 216 bureaux installés dans 74 pays.

Samsung Electronics recrute Plusieurs Profils

Customer Service Sales Support

Inspection of damaged goods:


-Visit the shops to inspect the products

-Make an inspection statement

-Make approval to sales

-Follow with Logistics the approval till G/R

-Make report of inspection results, approvals and G/R status

-Prepare closing document for each customers

-Negotiate and sign the documents

Other inspections:

-Inspect and collect defect Accessories

-Inspection & quotation from ASC & repair request & follow up

Dealer Satisfaction:

-Take a VOD from dealer SVC team’s request regarding technical issue & follow up

-Conduct quarterly surveys with all dealers to measure and improve dealer satisfaction

Inspection of the deductions:

-Support and follow-up all SVC requests from shops regading SVC

-Visit the shop to collect the repair notes of each deduction

-Contact the ASC and shop to identify the products

-Divide the returns and create an approval for Commercial return/ Technical return

-Control all deductions and identify the ones with no evidence (With shop and ASC)

-Inform sales if it’s about an abused case ( no reason to deduct the product)

-Visiting the ASC to inspect the deducted products

-Share credit notes with finance team

-Produce a weekly report of all deductions with their status

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Mobile Product Manager

Key Objectives:

  • Contribute to expanding the product’s market coverage by setting up a product line-up operation plan.
  • Contribute to maximizing sales and minimizing loss by managing product lifecycle and developing pricing strategy to meet the target sales for the product. 

Key Tasks:

  • Perform the development and management of the line-up portfolio plan and efficiency improvement efforts and market issue response.
  • Perform the product/service launch timeline setting by analyzing the new model’s target quantity and its profit and loss, and by working with the marketing department.
  • Participate in devising the pricing operation strategy of each segment and model.
  • Devise the plans to minimize the leftover materials when a product is to be discontinued by setting appropriate discontinuation timeline and plans to utilize the leftover materials. 
  • Driving future-oriented changes by thoughtfully challenging old ways of thinking and generating creative perspectives.
  • Seeking the root cause(s) of problems; Coming up with and proposing the most optimal solution on time.
  • Creating synergistic ways of working with related departments and colleagues with a sense of responsibility for organizational goals.
  • Ensuring successful task or project completion on time by embodying an enthusiastic attitude and strong sense of purpose.
  • Accurately understanding others’ requests and clearly expressing and delivering oneself in the most effective manner.
  • Understanding the product and organization structure; Analyzing industry trends and competitors to create business opportunities.
  • Designing systematic and feasible strategies and tactics aligned with the organization’s strategy and visions.
  • Maximizing customer satisfaction by operating resources and making decisions based on understanding the customer.
  • Understanding the global business environment and working with respect for diversity in ethnicity and culture.
  • Establishing alternatives from a rational perspective; Making judgments accurately on time.

Required Technical Skills:

  • Identify differentiated technology and new concepts that can strengthen the product’s competitiveness.
  • Analyze competitor status and market trends in the target market and develop a line up strategy that can maximize the company’s profit.
  • Analyze the profitability of the product and decide whether to launch the product.
  • Devise the pricing strategy of the existing products and new models based on the competitor status and internal sales strategy.
  • Track decreases in the company’s own product sales, increases in competitor product sales, etc. to set an appropriate discontinuation schedule.
  • Analyze the price adjustment’s impact on sales as the future reference for case studies.
  • Understand the product development progress, milestones by development phase and risk factors by development phase and decisions required on these items.
  • Manage to build the differentiated marketing strategy to maximize the impact of a new product launch and set and execute a market access strategy(Go-to-Market).

Skills and Qualifications:

  • Master Degree in Marketing/ Business
  • Min. 5 Years as Product Manager / Brand Manager in FMCG/ Telecom/ Consumer Electronics Sectors
  • English is Mandatory for this position

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IT B2B Sales

Position Responsibilities:

-Create and fulfil LED & Signage, Hotel display Screen market demand & ensure its strong presence.

-Achieve growth and hit sales targets by utilizing high profile customer relationships, & a comprehensive Display product line-up.

-Strengthen and enrich long-lasting key customer relationships by partnering with them and understanding their needs.

-Present sales, revenue and Display product business road map reports and accurate forecasts to management

-Keep an eye out for market trends and paradigm shifts, while being well aware of competition status.

-Prefer to have a strong connections in luxury and niche market

Essential skills and experience:

-Min with a BSc degree

-Relevant experience (7-10 years) in B2B Sales and high end products with solid Pipeline and proven successes

-Good Knowledge of Display principles such as Fine Pixel Pitch, DIP, SMD, HDR, & refresh rate.

-Top notch selling skills and crystal clear communication. A strong business acumen is a must.

-Continual learning drive to stay up to date with new product releases, market status and competition.

-Excellent relationship building skills

-Ability to Engage and successfully lead a conversation with multiple levels.

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Software Developer

Position Summary:

-The job position will design, implement, and manage software programs

-Program development for RPA

-Mobile application & web Developer

Role and Responsibilities:

-Develop automatic Process via RPA technology

-Mobile application & web Developer

-Writing and implementing efficient code

-Elaborate test scenario and test validation

-Improve the current process

-Develop Robotic scenario

-IT Infra user support

-ERP User support

Skills and Qualifications:

-Min 5 years as software developer


-Java programming language






-Problem solving

-Active listening

-Time management

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